Monday, April 27, 2009

Bridgeport WPA poster show

Some selections from the awesome Bridgeport WPA poster show put on as part of Version Fest 09:

Dan MacAdam: Crosshair

Steve Walters:Screwball Press:


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Steve Walters New Posters

Trust me. The new work that Steve Walters (Screwball press) has been doing is freaking mindblowing in person. I see it develop every day as I share printing space with him and the work is right on. Check out these 2 new ones for Fucked Up : (printed on translucent paper w/ patient card attached like a real X-Ray) and Big Business. Irreverent and superbly crafted as is to be expected. The Fucked Up poster is available for sale, although not many are left.

Sonnenzimmer-The Books

Amazing new poster for The Books upcoming performance at the MCA by Nick and Nadine at Sonnenzimmer. A match that is perfect to me.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spike Press- Mastodon Poster

Everyone needs a little Rasputin in their life. Awesome new poster by Spike Press

Delicious Design League Interview

This is a bit old from the Fall, before Jason and Billy moved into their new space, but its a nice interview. Check it out! From the folks at MiddleMind.

Delicious Design League - Profile from mas / menos on Vimeo.

Justin Santora- "Gestures in a Blender" Show

Nice show opening up for Justin Santora this weekend at Within Reason Gallery. Nice poster for the show as well!

Bite- Letterpress show at the Post Family's Family Room Gallery

Very very cool show, looking forward to seeing it-

From Alex Fuller on the Post Family's Site:

"Scott and I have been busy pooling our letterpress resources over the past few months. We are very excited to bring you Bite, a collection of letterpress art and design. We will be showing beautiful work from the Hamilton Woodtype Museum, Bruno Rohner, Hatch, Yee-Haw and The Post Family to name a few. So come join us for a hot cup of tea on a relaxing sunday afternoon at The Post Family gallery, The Family Room."

April 19, 1-5pm
1821 W Hubbard, #202

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mat Daly- Andrew Bird Civic Opera House Poster

Some great great stuff coming from Mat Daly as usual. Here's a 6 color poster printed for Andrew Bird's show at the Civic Opera house in Chicago.

Phineas Jones-Western Tentacled Jay

Check out this 8 color piece of awesomeness from our man Phineas.

More info here on

Saturday, April 4, 2009

This guy Jay Ryan

You may have heard of him. He's giving a lecture Monday April 6 at my alma mater Northern Illinois University for his show "Flock". Here's the poster for the show and also a sweet litho, "The Truce" that he made out in Edinboro PA with Egress press. It looks fantastic in person.

More info on Jay at The Bird Machine

Friday, April 3, 2009


Sonnenzimmer is the studio moniker for Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi. Since founding their joint studio a few years ago they have been quietly producing some of the most beautiful and innovative poster work to come out of Chicago. Highly idiosyncratic with an impressive level of craftsmanship, Sonnenzimmer is a haven for fans of the sublime.

Here's a piece they made for "Without you I am Nothing" , a group show of interactive prints curated by Anne Elizabeth Moore at Green Lantern Gallery.

And here is a nice piece Dan Sinker shot about them:

Sonnenzimmer: the shoestring portrait from dsinker on Vimeo.

Much more at

Ryan Duggan

Ryan Duggan has been making hilarious and colorful posters for the last couple of years in Chicago. His work has a ton of humor and is well crafted. Heres a few recent posters.

Check out more work by Ryan on his Gigposters page.

Justin Santora

Justin Santora has been making some nice prints and posters this year.

Here's a new one from him: "One in Twenty"

Check out his site for more work.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

2 new prints from Diana Sudyka

has recently put out 2 amazing prints at very affordable prices.

Raven Heart is a
"-7 color screenprint (includes highlight of metallic silver on raven)

-limited edition of 175, signed, numbered and stamped with my chop mark

-8.5 x 11 inches (standard frame size)

-Printed using water-based inks, on 100% recycled, heavyweight, archival paper"

and check out Narwhal:

-5 color screenprint

-19 x 25 inches

-Limited edition of 90, each signed, numbered, and stamped with my chop mark

-Printed with water based inks on "steel grey-blue" 100lb, archival, 100 percent recycled paper

all available in her Etsy Shop.

Mat Daly: Tallest Man on Earth Poster

More genius from Mat Daly. Looking forward to the Andrew Bird poster he is working on!