Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sonnenzimmer Experimental Print Sale

Our friends at Sonnenzimmer are having a sale of experimental prints through this Friday (tomorrow) Here's a description of just what the heck is going on:

"Every now and then, Nadine and I get the bug to experiment with new printing techniques, try out color relationships, or just see how an image looks printed, with no intention of making a finalized product. These usually happen in batches of 10 or 15 and ultimately end up sitting in our flat files, never to be seen again. Over the past few years, we've built up quite a collection of these prints, and we've decided it is time to set some of them free. For the next week, we are offering these experiments in three affordable sets."

Crosshair Fort #3

Dan MacAdam of Crosshair has just put out an impressive new art print , Fort #3. Here's Dan's description:
"Fort #3 is the third in Crosshair's ongoing "Forts" series of art prints.

Each of these prints depicts an unusual structure in an isolated setting. Each one I have sought out and photographed for its particular effect on my imagination.

This print differs from the previous two in that the source image was captured on film rather than digital photography, leading a subtle but significant organic quality to its textures when separated for print.

Fort #3 is a 23x23" square, ten-layer silk screen print, produced in an edition of 100, signed & numbered by the artist."

It is available now in the Gigposters Classifieds.

Rich Kelly- Mountain Goats

Rich Kelly is a Chicago illustrator and printer who has been making some great work this year. I've been watching his work up close over at the Screwball shop and it looks great in person as well. Here is his new poster for the Mountain Goats.